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    The "old" hospital building on West Jackson Street in Piggott was built and occupied shortly after the conclusion of World War II, in the years 1946 and 1947. It was a corporation established by Doctors Wiley Turner Sr., Wiley Turner, Jr., F.H. Jones and J.E. McGuire. The practice that was established was general/surgical including obstetrics.

    Some of the early administrators in the Piggott Hospital System were Gage Lewis, Floyd Holifield, Ethridge Nichols, George Bruce, Gerald Conley, Alice Turner Hefner and Betty Reame. Other physicians who later practiced in the "old" hospital included Doctors Forse, Rulback, Duckworth, Bethel, Morris, Muse, Northum, Ieele and Chester. Other Physicians practiced for a very short time in this institution.

    At the time the "old" Hospital was built, it was a state of the art institution and considered to be one of the finest hospitals in Northeast Arkansas. Because of Medicare and other government guidelines, the hospital was required to make extensive structural changes. Therefore, it was closed as an inpatient building in July 1979. Since that time, it has housed an outpatient clinic for Doctors Muse and Duckworth. Currently, it is occupied by the Piggott Family Medical Clinic owned and operated by Doctors Sheridan, Blake and Mallard.

    The hospital system could not operate without adequate nursing service and we had some fine women who served as nurses in the "old" hospital. Those who have now retired or expired come to mind. The names Elders, Seal, Wallace, Cole, Blair, Pike, Crockett, Dale, Freidenberg, Turner, Hardy, Martin, Parrish, Duckworth, Muse, Walker, Conley, Palmer and additional dedicated people.

    Certainly, the hospital system could not run and fulfill its mission without adequate laboratory and x-ray technicians. Some of the names that come to mind of people who have either expired or retired are Wallis, Holcomb, Brandon and Norquist.

    The "new" hospital was built and occupied July 1, 1979. It was built as a general/surgical facility on U.S. 62 by the city of Piggott. It was managed by an administrator and a general health care board, appointed by the city. The first administrator was Betty Reams, followed by James Magee. The hospital was a general medical/surgical facility and included obstetrics; however, this was discontinued several years ago. The present director of nursing is Mrs. Tonny Dement. During the past few years, the hospital system has expanded to include home health care providers and rural health clinics. It is now very active in Clay County, Arkansas, and Campbell Missouri. The hospital system includes clinics in most medical and surgical specialties with visiting specialists as providers, in addition to its active staff, which now includes Doctors Duckworth, Muse, Sheridan, Blake, Mallard, Morrison, Lawrence and Lochner.

    The Piggott Hospital System is now approximately 55 years of age. Certainly one would not have dreamed of the progress and advancement of medical care during these 55 years. One could not dream nor imagine some of the things that are now being done, such as diagnostic procedures, drugs and medication, transportation, communication, knowledge of disease, etc. The Piggott Hospital System has always attempted to expand and advance with medical knowledge and procedures. At the present time, plans are being made to expand the Piggott Campus, the rural health clinics and home health care programs. Efforts are being make to improve technology and improve on being health care providers.

    Hillard R. Duckworth, M.D.


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